Find out how much care we take in preserving nature.


The emphasis on the environment and natural resources is a choice we are doing successfully for many years because we are deeply convinced that is enough attention paid to preserve the beauty and health of our

country and our planet. In particular, we pay attention to: Produce less waste: we participate in the collection and recycling programs, we use returnable containers for drinks and we prefer packaging in glass or recyclable materials to minimize waste. In Hotel you will find the containers to make yourself recycling.


Reducing water and energy consumption for heating the water. For this we have installed water supply accelerators for the showers, faucets and dispensers.

Save energy. We try to use where you can energy-saving lamps, we installed a new boiler with low calorie consumption and invite our guests to reduce the linen they leave for washing, especially the towels in the bathroom.

Using healthier food and free of chemicals. We prefer fruits and vegetables in season. Enhance local traditions and local specialties. We offer local dishes from recipes passed down in our area, prepared with regional products.


Suggest our guests to leave their car parked at the hotel and use our shuttle transfer service to Caorle. At the reception are always available tickets for public transport or the keys of our bicycles, for the most ecological solution.

Contain and reduce energy expenditure: we installed in every room in the system “Plug & Play”. Leaving the room, all the lights go out automatically, and also with the window open, the air conditioning off to save energy.

Sensitize our staff and our guests to this philosophy. We are also very sensitive to the opinions of our guests, who are our best advisors and asked them to provide us with all the information they deem necessary to enable us to successfully continue the path of environmental protection.