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Porto Santa Margherita

The resort of Porto Santa Margherita boasts a large dock that can accommodate up to 800 boats, with assistance services available.

Originally conceived for yachting enthusiasts, the resort has since evolved into a popular tourist destination due to the presence of terraced villas and exclusive villages, set in a cosy and contained context. In the heart of the resort, visitors can find numerous entertainment venues, shops and boutiques for shopping.


The roots of Caorle sink in the first century BC (the name comes from the Latin Caprulae, probably because of the wild goats that grazed there), as evidenced by numerous finds from Roman times, such as “ara Licovia” sacrificial altar guarded hours in the cathedral, archaeological or at sea.

However, the city grows and becomes important as a port of the nearby Concordia, for its location at the mouth of Lemene, especially following the barbarian invasions of the Huns, who drove many of Concordia from the hinterland to the coast; It was at that time, around the sixth century that Caorle became Episcopalian.

The construction of today’s cathedral, however, dates back to the eleventh century, on a pre-existing early Christian basilica, whose remains are still preserved inside the cathedral, the museum and gardens adjoining the rectory.